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Chelsea McDaniel and Margo Stewart are Hair and Makeup Artists located in Kamloops, British Columbia. They began their Cosmetology training in 2007 and graduated together in 2008. After a few years in the beauty industry, their vision of Styled By Muah began in 2012 with hopes to create a beauty team that provided on-location services of both hair and makeup in the Thompson Valley and Okanagan areas. That vision has now become a reality! Travelling all over the Province, we have worked with hundreds of brides, women, models, and countless photographers and absolutely love that we get to be a small part of our clients unforgettable memories. We are thankful to the general public and we hope to be able to continue servicing British Columbia with our expertise for many years to come!



Our goal is to provide a very professional, relaxed and one of a kind experience for our clients. For that reason we have been very selective with our staffing and each Styled By Muah stylist has an undeniable passion for what we do, along with the skill to match. Our focus is on you and we want to provide the best experience possible with our clients leaving happy and feeling amazing! We advocate "quality over quantity" and we take our time, as these services should not be rushed! In the end all thats important to us is that final reveal moment, the smile and the glowing confidence we see in each of our clients. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we've been up to, our updated portfolio and hair and makeup inspiration!



Chelsea is the co-owner and lead makeup artist for MUAH. After working in salons for two years she was more and more drawn toward makeup and the creativity involved with each client request. Her love for the art grew and she found herself constantly wanting to learn and master the practice, bringing on her eventual transition to makeup artistry. Transformations are a favourite of hers because not only is there a visual difference but a huge boost in each clients confidence and self image as well. Chelsea is a certified hair stylist and makeup artist and is always trying new products and techniques to ensure her clients are getting the best of the best.

Celebrity Hair Inspiration:

Kardasians, Lauren Conrad, Jlo

Celebrity Makeup Inspiration:

Kardasians, Jlo, Gigi Hadid

Favourite Client Requests:

Anything new and challenging!

Words To Live By:

Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending, speak without offending.

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Margo is the co-owner and lead hair stylist for MUAH. Her interest in hair styling began when she was a child and over the last nine years in the industry it has become a true passion. She enjoys the creative process and challenges brought to the table with each individual client and loves watching each transformation unfold.  Margo is a certified hair stylist and is constantly learning new techniques and keeping up with the trends to ensure she can bring your vision into reality!

Celebrity Hair Inspiration:

Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Conrad, Blake Lively

Favourite Client Requests:

Anything soft, flirty and romantic

Words To Live By:

...but first..coffee



Moving forward Margo will not be accepting any new clients for the 2020 wedding season due to family planning


Lacey is an associate makeup artist for MUAH. Her Love of makeup started at age six when she and her mom would perform makeovers on each other. Soon later she got her first makeup instruction book and developed a passion for reading, learning, and practicing the art. Lacey loves how makeup has the incredible ability to either simply make someone a better version of themselves or totally transform them into a whole new look. She loves this because not only does she get to be a part of the physical transformation but also gets to witness the increase in confidence that it imparts. Lacey is also very well educated in skin care and stays in tune with trends and new techniques!

Celebrity Style Inspiration:

Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker

Words To Live By:

Nothing dims the light that shines from within.



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Having worked in the bridal hair and makeup industry since 2012, the girls at Styled By Muah realized that sourcing the best quality, affordable and easy to use beauty accessories wasn't easy. Thus, Bombabe Beauty was born! Lead stylists and Co–Founders Chelsea Stewart and Margo Stewart thought is was time to create a line of professional quality products that could both wow their clients and stand up to their level of expectation. This is a brand designed and tested by working industry professionals that you can trust. Our goal is to provide our clients and customers with the best of the best from products, up-to date trends and knowhow to help complete the look of every woman's style. We are so excited to share this dream of ours with you and we hope you love this line as much as we do!


BomBabe Beauty lashes are handcrafted with love, care and our clients in mind! Our lashes are made of either 100% cruelty-free Mink Fur or Silk Fibers allowing for the most natural look and feel. Unlike synthetic lashes, you will not get the “pinching” heavy discomfort you’ve probably experienced before – with our Luxury line you’ll likely forget your wearing lashes at all! Whether you are looking to add a little extra to your daily look or roll out full-glam for an event we have a lash style for you!

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